Favorite 4minute era requested by heyhyuna and anyja
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make me choose: ken or n for weirdest member

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"My personality is that I like what I like, and hate what I hate, I also don’t play push-and-pull games." 
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Ravi in Rock The World teaser

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assistant bean

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vixx cutie edition: leo
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@RealVIXX: 나는 로빅이다: 사진을 제대로 배우려면 어시스트 생활부터 해야한다는 충고를 듣고 포토그래퍼 요원의 어시스트로써 오늘 최선을 다하고 있는 콩요원. 사진을 배우겠다는 강한의지에 박수를 보낸다.

I am ROVIX. Agent Kong said to learn photography properly one has to live as an assistant and is listening to Agent Photographer’s advice to do the best of his ability today. Sending applause to his will to learn photography.(x)

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ok listen. i know everyone is really super unhappy about Ravi working with Chad Future and I can’t say that i’m exactly pleased either but please please please don’t be mean to Ravi or think of him differently because of this. you have to realize that Ravi’s main goal with this is getting his name out there and from his standpoint, collaborating with an American artist is an amazing chance for that. although Chad may not be the artist most of us would’ve liked to see him work with, please continue to support Ravi because he really hasn’t done anything horribly wrong like people are making it seem.

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vixx colors: purple

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handsome assistant hongbin wants better compliments

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